Books By Ron Baker



This 3 part series was published by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

1. Bury the Billable Hour

2. Trashing the Timesheet

3. You are your Customer List



Pricing on Purpose: How to implement Value Pricing (Journal of Accountancy, 2009)

Price Psychology (Journal of Accountancy, 2009)

Law Management Journal, A collection of Value Pricing Resources

“Time-Billing” Four Part Series:  (Special Reports, Lawyers Weekly, 2009)

1. Hourly Billing is the Opium of the Profession

2. Putting a Price on the Value of Legal Services

3. Why your firm needs to offer fixed prices

4. Overcoming the Three Pricing Emotions

An interview with Ronald J Baker (The Complete Lawyer , 2009)


Video Clips

Would you pay for your food this way?


The Future for Firms of the Past?


Tom Hood interviews Ron Baker on Black Swans, Trashing Timesheets & Value Pricing.

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