Firm of the Future Forum

Date : 5th of March 2012

Venue : Melbourne Cricket Ground – Jim Stynes Room, Level 2, Olympic stand. Enter via GATE 3

Time : Arrival from 8am onwards, 8:30am Start – 5pm Finish.


Firm of the Future MasterClass [Apologies - Melbourne's Masterclass has sold out!]

Date : 6th of March 2012

Venue : Melbourne Cricket Ground - HCA Harrison Room, Level 2, Ponsford Stand. Enter via GATE  1

Time : Arrival from 8:30 am onwards, 9am Start – 12:30pm Finish followed by a lunch with Ron Baker.


Click Here to see a venue map

If you are having trouble viewing our ticketing information below please go directly to the Eventbrite Ticketing site.

** Please Note ** Melbourne Masterclass and Package tickets are no longer available.

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