Venue Partners

Hobart partner: AustLaw – Kerrie Billings

As a member group, AustLaw prides itself on progressive law firm management.  Our strength is our network and by looking forward and planning  with the knowledge of future trends, the AustLaw members will continue to succeed




Melbourne Partner: Redstick Strategic Communications

“RedStick is a dynamic and innovative government relations, strategic communications and marketing practice. At RedStick we bring a sharp strategic edge to our knowledge of politics, government, media and the community. Our team consists of senior political and government advisers and experts in public relations, media management and marketing. We specialise in government relations and lobbying, securing government grants, developing and implementing strategic PR plans, and marketing and media management.”



Brisbane Partner: Queensland Law Society – Giles Watson

QLS is the peak professional body for Queenslands solicitors with over 8500 members.

Thanks to DX Toll for supporting this event.





John Chisholm Consulting – John ChisholmThe old time and leverage based business model is broken and we can only keep repairing it so many times. Client’s don’t like it, professionals despise it, it creates cash flow problems, stifles innovation and cap’s your profit. Inspired some years ago by Ron Baker & the late Paul O’Byrne, John Chisholm Consulting is dedicated to helping professional firms and their clients move away from billing time and refocus on selling what their customers really buy – our knowledge and our intellectual capital.
Mta OptimaChartered Accountants – Matthew TolHaving been timeless for over six years we have experienced incredible change in our business. The positive impact we have seen in staff, customers and cash flow has exceeded all expectations. It has created a level of freedom for our business that means we keep challenging ourselves to be more effective in everything we do whilst ensuring the quality of our output and thus customer results is of the highest possible standard.
Marque Lawyers – Michael Bradley Marque launched in 2008 with big ambitions and no timesheets.  We hadn’t heard of Ron Baker then, we just knew that time costing is stupid.  Then we met Ron and now we know we’re on the right wave of change.  Life outside the timesheet is bliss, you can take it from us.
Integrity Wealth – Michael Stewart In 2007, Integrity decided to replace timesheets & the partnership model. Without timesheets team members thrive, new team members flock to our door and services are far easier to cross-sell.  Without a traditional partnership model resources are better allocated, roles clearly defined and significantly fewer issues at Partner level, allowing the firm to move forward at a rapid pace.
McCullough Robertson Lawyers – Matthew BurgessHaving been inspired initially by the philosophy set out in ‘Firm of the Future’ a number of lawyers at McCullough Robertson embarked on the journey from an entire practice based on time billing towards ‘pricing on purpose’.While the abandonment of time sheets remains a work in progress, for those that have embraced value pricing the impact on every aspect of their professional life has been immense and hopefully serves as an inspiration not only for the firm as a whole but also other lawyers.
  Trusted Authority Partners – Steve MajorThe opportunity for Professional knowledge firms is to become the go to firm in their chosen market.  It is necessary to become known for something – you must stand for something – you must have a brand narrative. It is through the synthesis of Knowledge, Value & Story that you can achieve premium positioning and premium profitability. At TA we provide education & advice on how professional knowledge firms can become the Trusted Authority in their chosen market.

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